Take the headache out of running a Facebook Business Page

The best person to run your company's Facebook page is already working at your company. It could even be you! You just need the right tools to do it.

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Facebook DIY For Business

Our online course is meant for small businesses who want to leverage their Facebook marketing to grow their business. This course will take you through tons of the tips and tricks our clients have been asking us about for the past seven years. 

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"The course broke down the scary barriers of the confusing and unknown when I look at the analytics and ad creation pages. Gave me more confidence to say, 'I got this, baby! Bring it on!'"

Jim Reincke
Rockin' Rhino Studio

"I now have a comprehensive overview of how to set up and use Facebook to promote my business. Prior to taking Facebook DIY for Business I always felt like I didn't know enough to figure out what the next step should be with anything I was doing on Facebook. After taking the course, I realize that I need to have a strategy, goal and budget clearly identified prior to taking action on Facebook otherwise I am just throwing money and time at a very valuable marketing tool I don't understand."

Brian Southworth
Murphy Business

"I think that I will have more confidence in creating and uploading a proper ad finally! I'm excited to implement this! Thank you!"

Rebecca Loveland
Rebecca Loveland Photography

"I think this was a very good intro to FB for business. I particularly liked the market analysis tools, learning about events and how to use the three types of ads to build awareness, increase engagement and close sales (hopefully)."

Kurt Carlson
Kurt Carlson, LMP

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